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Health. Vitality. Happiness. Joy. Abundance. Forever.

Ania Nowicki Well-Being Health and Transformation Coach

This is me and a melon.

Headaches? Bloating? Embarrassing wind? Low energy? Brain fogs? Bad skin? Aches and pains? Overweight? Endless dieting? Mood swings? Regular colds and illnesses? Anxiety? Victim of bullying? Stress? Depression? Listlessness? Lack of drive and passion? 

Why do you put up with any of these?

For years I believed that there was something wrong with me as I always had some kind of problem, always had something holding me back from being who I wanted to be, always just trying to keep up. I thought that maybe I was simply a weakling and didn't have the stamina, wasn't as tough as my peers. I thought I was not good enough. I was overweight, moody, lethargic, introverted and frequently ill. I sought solace in boyfriends and books, and I was jealous of everyone.

Over the years, as I learnt about health and nutrition, I succeeded in curing myself of various skin afflictions (urticaria, dermatitis, among various undiagnosed others), I lost weight and now maintain a BMI of 20 with minimum effort. My mood swings have stabilised and I very, very rarely get sick. (The last time I remember getting sick was in 2008 after 6 months on antibiotics to try to cure the dermatitis on my face.) My skin looks great and people usually think I'm around 10 years younger than my real age! Recent tests have verified the fact that I have a very high level of health and I certainly feel it! I have never felt so motivated, driven and joyful! I can now show you how to achieve this, too.

When was the last time you talked with someone about your health and received the personal attention you deserve?

It’s rare for anyone to get an hour to work on their nutrition and well-being goals with a trained professional. As a Health & Well-Being Coach, I create a supportive environment that will enable you to achieve all of your desired outcomes for your life. I have studied all the major dietary theories and use practical change psychology methods to guide you in discovering what way of eating works best for you and how you can cultivate total joy, radiance and authencity in life.

Most approaches to nutrition dwell on calories, carbs, fats, proteins. Instead of creating restrictive cookie-cut meal plans, with lists of restrictions, good and bad foods, I coach my clients to create a happy, healthy life in a way that is natural, flexible, fun and free of denial and dependence on will-power.

No one diet works for everyone. I will guide you to find the food and lifestyle choices that best support you. I will also help you to make gradual, lifelong changes that enable you to reach your current and future desired well-being outcomes.

Some of the many benefits of health coaching

  • Stabilising at your natural weight (get to your ideal BMI and stay there)
  • Better digestion
  • Flat stomach (no more bloaty-belly)
  • Healthier, clearer and stronger skin, hair and nails (no more spots, no more brittle hair and nails)
  • More supple joints
  • Improved sleep
  • Lower cholesterol and blood pressure
  • Stabilised blood sugar
  • Better moods 
  • Clearer thinking
  • Reduction of dependency on pharmaceuticals
  • More confidence in yourself
  • More positivity
  • More clarity around what you want for your life
  • Improved relationships with those around you
  • Feeling more passion, excitement and joy for life

Still not sure what a Health and Food Coach is?  Think: Personal Trainer for your diet, kitchen and mind. You’d get fit if you met regularly with a personal trainer wouldn’t you?  You will get radiantly healthy and feel genuinely great about yourself and life in general when you make the commitment to work with me.

Could one conversation change your life?

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Want to know what you can achieve? Read and watch testimonials here:

Bina Sitaram testimonial for Ania Nowicki Life and Wellbeing coach"My coaching sessions with you, Ania, have really made me take stock and take a good look at what I need to change, to enable me to be more productive in a day, and address issues which have been at the back of my mind for a long time.  Your soft friendly approach is wonderful, and, at the same time you have a way to encourage and make one feel that nothing is impossible. Your intuition you use is truly a gift you have, as I cant believe how you pick up on so many thoughts and feelings, when you don't even personally know me or we are not face to face.   And to have someone tell you and put into words how you feel is almost reassuring.  I have implemented the techniques discussed with you and they are working a treat, so thank you so so much.  The world needs more lovely souls like you to help us all move forward with our life's.  You are a like a much welcome breeze in sweltering heat!, my sincere gratitude and love for all you have done, love Bina"

Bina Sitaram, mother of three, entrepreneur, Leicester, UK


Anna Michalska Freelance Artist testimonial for Ania Nowicki Health and Well-being coach vitality and food"After my initial session with Ania, I realised there were certain imbalances in my life which were causing knock on effects in other ways. One of these being as simple as my water intake. Taking this and other advice onboard, Ania has gently guided me into realms of major changes. Being more foccused and thinking in terms of 'many parts make the whole', I have seen siginificant postive changes in my life."

Anna Michalska, Freelance Artist, Leicestershire, UK

"I am feeling on top of the world – no migraine now for 8 weeks. Really focussing on no added sugar and only ‘whole grain’ carbs in small amounts. All credit to your fantastic coaching skills!"

Liz Banks, Bristol, UK

"Working with Ania has been much more of an all-around lifestyle support system than I imagined it could or would be. At the basic level, Ania has exposed me to the use of ingredients that I wouldn't otherwise have ever considered using. More than that, she has helped me think differently about the whole farm-to-table system, and also question foods that I have always taken for granted as a major food group – dairy, for instance.  Most importantly for me, though, has simply been the gentle yet firm support that Ania provides. She has a unique way of pushing you to think of goals for yourself that has really made me rethink my health, fitness, and lifestyle.  She is infectiously positive and persistent in such a caring way that I can't help trying harder to set and meet my goals."

Alex Colon, Full-time Mum, Washington DC, USA


"When I first encountered Ania, I was surfacing from a mid-level depression brought on by a variety of life events and circumstances. I was fatigued and very low energy, and as I am typically an extrovert and quite energetic, I was not feeling part of the world and was quite discouraged.

I was struck right away by her candour, empathy and wisdom. It was also evident that she was knowledgeable and passionate about her livelihood. We had an immediate resonance, and I noticed right away the benefit of having someone objective to check in with and guide me from week to week.

Within a couple of months, my family was faced with moving my father into long term care followed by my mother becoming terminally ill. In the last several months as I have navigated this situation, having Ania as a coach has been invaluable. Her encouragement and ability to hand the best of me back to myself has been an essential part of my capacity to roll with the constant pace of change while still remaining increasingly functional in my life and at work.

Ania has a seemingly endless array of tools along with oodles of creativity and compassion on how to apply them to my life and individual outlook. When I look back on the months we have been working together, I see a constant evolution in approach as I change and as the circumstances in my life change. This ability is a real gift, and I see it as the primary reason I know she will have huge success in her coaching business.

Though we are in different continents and time zones, we stay very connected. Our meetings are every two weeks on Skype, which really is just about like being in person. And we have a vibrant email exchange which sets the tone for the remaining positive and solution focused communication. I also have a great place to simply vent if I just need to discharge before I can move on.

I chose to renew my contract with her at the end of the first six months, knowing that our relationship had become a pillar for my effectiveness and that the months ahead were going to be highly challenging. Even making that commitment to my own well-being may not have been a choice I could have made prior to beginning coaching with her. She’s been a crucial element of me becoming my own advocate.

For those considering adding a coach to their belt of life tools, I recommend Ania without hesitation. Her openness, responsiveness, depth, flexibility and humour are a delight and she is a true professional to boot."

Corinne Dixon, Copy Writer, British Columbia, Canada


"I began working with Ania in October 2011. I was already interested in health and the impact of food on my wellbeing, but with so many sources of information I was finding it very confusing to try and make the right decisions for me and my family. Thankfully Ania has been an absolute godsend. She has not only educated me about the foods I have been eating, she has introduced me to new foods, recipes and information that I would never have had access to otherwise. More than that, our sessions have been incredibly motivational for me. The impact on my health, and the way I think about my health, has been huge. I am more organised, more experimental, and more relaxed about the whole thing! I also feel better than I have in years.

In practical terms, the time commitment has been minimal. I speak with Ania over the telephone every two weeks, when she provides information, helps me to track my progress, and agree achievable goals going forward. Other than that, the amount of time and energy I put into the program is up to me, which makes it easy to fit around my busy lifestyle. I have found that I have actually put more into the work we do together each week, because I get more excited about the results I’m achieving.

I couldn’t recommend Ania and the program more highly."

Rachel Styles, Marketing Consultant, Loughborough, UK


"I started working with Ania after she checked my anti oxidant levels at a clinic recently.  My levels showed I was pretty average but that there was definite room for improvement.  As someone who eats a mainly healthy diet, exercises regularly and is naturally quite competitive, I was eager to understand how I could improve my score.  As I also run a small young business, it's crucial that I'm not sick so this gave me added impetus to focus on optimising my health.  Within just a few sessions of working with Ania I was already feeling the benefits.  I am now a juicing convert (if it's a fruit or vegetable I'll juice it) and through understanding my body and its needs better I no longer get late afternoon cravings.  I didn't start working with Ania with weight loss in mind, but with small but sensible tweaks to my diet, I lost 6 pounds in the two weeks prior to Christmas when I wasn't exercising but was socialising an awful lot.  It was also the first winter in as long as I can remember that I haven't been sick and I credit that to Ania.

Working with Ania has given me so much more than nutritional advice.  Her holistic approach encourages you to take stock of your lifestyle in general and it has been fascinating to discover how things other than the food we eat impact on our general health.  My calls with Ania always leave me inspired and motivated to make positive and achievable long term changes in my life, and I feel more equipped emotionally and physically to take on life's challenges.  Our bi-weekly calls work perfectly with my busy lifestyle and they come round surprisingly quickly! Ania's enthusiasm and passion for what she does is equalled by her experience, knowledge and never-ending positivity."

Emily Smith, Entrepreneur, London, UK


“Ania has been inspirational. From our very first session together, I knew this programme was going to be life changing. Ania is able to make me bring things to the surface, things that I should know and sub-consciously know already, she is able to bring them out in such a way that gets me excited about setting targets to improve myself.  Having will power is not enough, Ania creates a positive feeling on everything I want to improve on which makes them a hundred times easier to achieve. My first concern was my fluctuating energy levels. I would have been very satisfied if I was able to achieve consistent energy levels by the end of the coaching but I think we solved that problem within the first two sessions! This then allowed us to concentrate on making me elite. From her substantial nutritious advice to her encouraging careers advice, I can tell Ania is genuinely interested and excited for me and it is great knowing she is taking the journey with me.”

Kevin Chung, Education Digital Strategist, London, UK


"I worked with Ania for six months to find a way to live and eat that would ease symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis. We made some major breakthroughs in terms of food groups to avoid as well as changing my attitude towards eating. This included establishing a diet for life that didn't focus on calories and losing weight. Beyond that Ania was an incredibly positive influence, helping me to respect my body and recognise my achievements in all areas of my life. She has compassion and enthusiasm and is a coaching natural." 

Jo Murphy, Copywriter/blogger, London, UK