10 Gorgeous Christmas Gifts to Be Proud to Give

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Christmas is now right around the corner. You may have been super organised and already sorted out gifts for every member of your family as well as all your friends. If, on the other hand, you've been paralysed by indecision or just lacked ideas, the following will definitely galvanise you to action!

I've chosen these item on the basis that they are all something I would love to give or receive. They are all ethical, mostly organic and none contain harmful toxins or ingredients. Go on, spoil some one!

(All these products are based in the UK, so if you from outside of the UK get inspired and see if you can find something similarly appealing closer to home.)




The gorgeous people at Living Naturally are committed to making totally skin-healthy products. Their soaps contain only the finest ingredients to make them really gentle on your skin. Some have essential oils, many don't and so are ideal for super sensitive skin. Make use of your special discount code and make someone feel really spoilt!

Discount code: vitality12






The basic principle behind Bareskin Beauty products is that your skin needs to be fed and nourished just as much as it needs to be cleaned and pampered. Their wonderful beautifying formulas are based on wisdoms from Herbalism, Phytotherapy and Ethnobotany to create sublime natural care products. They are 100% natural and most ingredients are sourced from the UK.

Bareskin Beauty recommend the starter set for those who are new to their products (which includes a sample of four best sellers).

Bareskin Beauty have kindly agreed to offer a special discount to my subscribers of 15% off all products: VANF (case sensitive). 
Or buy two of the same product and get the second half price:bxmas2012 (case sensitive).





Whilst I'm not usually a coffee advocate, an occasional coffee can have its benefits – especially if you use fresh organic coffee beans. 
Here's a piece of equipment that would make any man proud!

You'll find it at Nigel's Eco Store, one of my favourite place for ethical eco products.






You know how kids quite often get more fun out of a box than the gift itself? How about this for the ultimate cardboard box play room! They can colour it in, decorate it and fly to the moon!

You'll find this also at the fabulous Nigel's Eco Store.








Every kitchen needs a clock, right? And the kitchen is usually the centre of the home too, right? So what better then to have a clock which is also a weekly planner! Never miss another appointment because of too much fun in the kitchen! 🙂

By the way, it's also hand made using recycled vending machine cups, so you'll be helping keep the planet healthy, too!

This can be found at Nigel's Eco Store.





coconut candles

Got a friend that needs a bit of pampering? How about these sweet coconut shell candles? They float in the bath, in a bowl, or stand on their own and will add a bit of "rustic romance" to any home!

You can purchase these in three different sizes from Goodness Direct.




Elimination diet hamper

Do you have someone in your life who is struggling with food intolerances and doesn't know what to eat? Why not treat them with this Elimination Diet Starter Hamper? They will be delighted with the thoughtfulness behind this gift! It contains 12 food items which are all dairy, wheat, gluten and sugar free.

You could, of course, make up your own, but this just is so much quicker!

Great thinking, Goodness Direct!

By the way, only opt for this if you know the person really well, otherwise they'll think you a bit weird! 😉





Bathrobes are safe gifts. The Natural Store have small range of ethical, fair trade, 100% organic, and toxin free bathrobes for adults and kids.

This one, I'm sorry, is not for adults!









Screen Shot 2012-12-10 at 16.09.30

It looks ever so pretty and rustic, don't you think? This elegant recycled glass food cover is also very practical for storing foods that don't need refrigeration. I think it's an essential for any foodie!

Who do you think you would you get it for?

It's available at The Natural Store.










All fragrances and perfumes on the mass market contain nasty and toxic additives which we don't want to breathe on let alone put on our skin. This gorgeous fragrance is totally natural and delightfully uplifting. It won't harm anyone, not even a pregnant or lactating mother.

You can buy this wonderful eau de toilette from Love Lula.






Have you got any great gift ideas to share and inspire others? Please share below!

(Suggestions must be congruent with the ethos of the site otherwise they will be deleted.)

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