Why it’s important to be with your emotions

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Be with your sadness by Ania Nowicki Happiness Coach Vitality and Food

We often don't fully experience our emotions, but block them out or dampen them; we don't give ourselves permission to be too sad or too elated. Yet, we're all emotional creatures. Emotion is energy in motion. We are energy. And if we box up our energy, so that it's constricted and disabled, so that we appear "normal", what happens then? We either become so efficient at blocking all emotions that we become numb, unable to experience deep feelings for anything or anyone, or the energy tries to escape in any other way it can, causing self-sabotaging behaviour, passive-aggressiveness or hyper-sensitivity.

Another reason to allow yourself into these feelings is that we only truly experience happiness when we've had to work for it; when we've had to overcome a great obstacle. You cannot see the stars without the darkness of the night. Have you ever met someone who delights in the things that you take for granted? An example that comes to mind is of those people I've met coming from war-torn countries or violent and agressive cultures that come to London and feel safe for the first time in their lives – whereas, this is not something that ever really think about, let alone purposefully enjoy. It's exactly the same with emotions.

Are you holding back any emotion, whether happy or sad?

I do a lot of work with my clients releasing suppressed emotions to allow them to live their lives with fulfilment, to help them achieve their goals that has always seemed so elusive. When they allow the space for their emotions they always surprised by the massive insights they draw and feeling much freeer and more in control of their lives. It is only at this point that they are able make progress in achieving deep personal satisfaction.

So, how to do it? Allow yourself to fully be with the emotion. Experience it. If it helps, journal about it, paint a picture, act it out. Use metaphors and colours. Allow all your senses to fire up. Observe how the emotion changes and moves. Stay with it until you can't grasp it anymore, until it's gone. Be with it until there's nothing more to be with.

Be you in all your beauty by Ania Nowicki Fulfilment and Transformation Coach Vitality and Food

If you are open to sharing your experience with me confidentially, I'd love to hear how you get on. If you'd like to share your experience with the wider community so that we can all learn from you, please post below.

Of course, you may feel safer doing this kind of activity with experienced support. If you'd like me to be that person, simply reply to this email or book yourself in straight away for a complimentary session using this link.

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Ania NowickiWhy it’s important to be with your emotions

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