Breaking boards to break free

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“Josh, you have a lot of suppressed anger. You need to break something.”

Ania read me like a book.

I thought about her words for a moment, then I replied, “How about a pencil? There’s a
pencil on my desk, I could break it!”

I proceeded to snap the pencil into 4 pieces; letting out my rage on the poor, innocent
writing utensil.

“That’s good, Josh. We’re getting there. But I think you can do much better than breaking a pencil.”

She was right, and we both knew it. The pencil was a cop-out.

All of a sudden, a thought popped into my head: I used to be a member of a karate board
breaking club when I was 10 years old. One of the greater joys in life is the feeling of
breaking a karate board.

It had been 10 years since I last broke a board, and Ania reminded me that it was long
overdue. She encouraged me to order some karate boards online. I did, and that is where our
story begins.

For the next couple of months, Ania worked with me every week to support the birth of
my power in the world.

She helped me set up the systems and the habits that I needed. To be honest, the systems
were painful to implement. I ran into a lot of resistance, and quite a few demons.

If we were in Dante’s Inferno, Ania was my Virgil; she was my guide and anchor as I explored the fiery pits of my own inner being.

After I received the boards, I quickly and urgently attempted to break them. Hammer
fist? Didn’t work. Elbow strike? No dice.

My knuckles red, my elbows bruised, I persisted in attempting to break those stubborn
wooden boards.

Nothing seemed to work.

After another failed attempt at breaking the boards, I quickly grew frustrated. I stashed
the boards away in my “someday” pile.

You know what happens to things in the “someday” pile, right? They are procrastinated
on, and they never get done.

Then, November 19th happened.

It was a defining day; the last of my coaching calls with Ania.

I was in a bad mood the whole call, feeling frustrated and confused; we had made so
much progress, yet I still felt inadequate about my future. I communicated this to Ania,
and we came back to the insight from Day 1:

The boards were still unbroken. They were laying around, taunting the inner depths of my mind.

When Ania brought this to my attention at the end of the coaching call, I told her that I
would break the boards that day. No matter what, I would find a way.

I tried breaking the boards again. They wouldn’t even budge.

Then, a thought ran across my mind: Maybe it wasn’t the force that was lacking? Maybe
I really was strong enough to break through a 1-inch-thick karate board. Perhaps it was
the support that was lacking.

I had been attempting to break the boards with flimsy college textbooks as the left-right
support. Apparently, they weren’t strong enough. Any force that I applied on the boards
would just be distributed evenly amongst the boards and the textbooks.

Ah-ha! So now I need to go around the house and look for better board support. Cinder
blocks are the best option, but I didn’t have any.

I searched ravenously around the house, looking for some heavy boxes to hold the


I found a couple of heavy cases, and I put the board in between them.

With a swift and angry kick of the foot, I split the board in 3 pieces.

Then, I broke the remaining boards with a punch and an elbow strike. It was easy.

Almost effortless.

With adrenaline rushing through my body, I HAD DONE IT! I broke the boards.

It wasn’t the force that was lacking; it was the support system. I had more than enough
power to break through the boards, but the textbooks were too weak of a support.

When I used heavy cases, my force was able to be concentrated in the center of the

What a perfect metaphor for my coaching experience with Ania.

I never lacked the force. I never lacked the power. Neither do you.

What I did lack was the support system; the coach, the guide, the one who would guide
me along the path that I knew I needed to embark upon.

Ania did this for me, and for that I am forever grateful.

If you are looking for a coach to guide you along the path of your highest power and
achievement, look no further than Ania. She has been traveling along the path herself, so
she knows some of the biggest roadblocks that we stumble upon.

She has a wonderful way with words, and can sense blocked emotions. It’s hard to
explain, but I will leave you with this:

If you are ready to take your life to the next level, and are seriously committed to it,
Ania is waiting for you.

If you’re not ready to advance in life, I wouldn’t sign up with Ania. Don’t sign up if
you’re looking for a few tricks, tips, techniques and exercises.

Though she gives excellent tips, tricks, frameworks, exercises, and modalities, that is not
the core of what she does.

The core of what Ania does is identity-level shift. She has the power to help you dig
deeep into your soul, pull out your limitations, and overcome them. If you’re ready for
that kind of change, talk to Ania.

Josh Lipovetsky runs a Literature and Liberal Arts Platform at Lit For Brains. The
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