Change your life in 2 minutes

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This technique is unbelievable simple and easy, and has been shown to decrease the level of cortisol (stress hormone) in your body as well as improve your ability to perform and be successful in challenging situations!

Here's how:

  • Stand with your arms stretched high in the air as if you've just won a gold medal at the olympics.
  • Hold your head high (chin slightly elevated).
  • Do this for two minutes, especially before an important or stressful event.

Just try it and let me know what happens!


Need more convincing? Watch this video.

Have you tried this? What happened for you? Please share below!

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Ania NowickiChange your life in 2 minutes

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  1. Josh Lipovetsky

    I love that! I've been doing Qigong for a few days, and it's been excellent. One move is to do just that.
    Additional tip: Keep your tongue on the roof of your mouth, and your fingers spread open. It's supposed to help positive energy circulate.

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