One effective way to boost your confidence and live authentically

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Lol Smith coached by Ania Nowicki 2013Lol and I started working together in early Summer 2012, initially for health reasons. You can read about happened in those first six months here. She then decided to continue working with me. Here is an account, in her words, of how that went.

Before I started this second course of six-month sessions with Ania, my concerns were around my work/life balance and trying to understand more about myself and explore where and how I would feel fulfillment. I knew that I had learnt so much during my first six months and it seemed a shame to end the journey so quickly. I wanted to go deeper and develop more habits that would help me be my best self. There were deeper beliefs that were holding me back from being happy and authentic. Working with Ania offered an ability to explore those in a safe and trusting environment.

In the past I’ve tried different ways to stay calm, challenge my negative thoughts and become comfortable with being enough but they have not always led to lasting change. But working with a coach, to keep you accountable really helps to keep my focused.

The reason I continued coaching was because I felt that committing for another six months was a way of helping me. I was demonstrating that I wanted to invest in myself. The act of sticking to coaching was a way of reminding me I was worth it.

As a consequence of these sessions I have grown more confident, more aware of the things I do to sabotage my success and happiness and also realized that I am good enough (well most of the time!).  I found more strength in my own convictions and, most importantly, I have actually acted authentically in situations that I previously have not been able to.

The specific results I’ve achieved are:

  • To let go of fear around making decisions to be healthy and look after myself.  I have unearthed some fears that were not serving me.
  • To listen to the authentic side of me that brings me back to earth and cuts through any nonsense to show what really matters.
  • To have confidence to acknowledge that struggling is not a sign of weakness but just part of life and that I’m proud of me.
  • To realize that whatever I outwardly appear to achieve, nothing compares to being present and supporting my husband, family and friends with love and compassion.

The last thing I would like to add is to say thank you – for helping me through a tough year, for not judging me for actions or decisions I didn’t make, and for supporting me to make my own mistakes. From a self-confessed, on-the-road-to-recovery perfectionist, this is not an easy statement to write down!

Until I began to reflect on what we had achieved, I don’t think I had realized that you had become an unsafe safety net! I will explain…in a coaching relationship I think it can be hard to separate out the desire to please, from being objective; and the way in which we have worked together has allowed us both to be compassionately objective. 

This means that our sessions are secure places where I can test out things that might go wrong, or might be silly or I change my mind about and I do this with conviction and authenticity – which means that I have made mistakes…but learning that I could/should/will do this for the rest of my life has been hugely valuable! Lots of love x x

Did any of this resonate with you? Is it time for you to invest in yourself? Is it time for a radically different approach? Contact me for a complimentary taster session to see if coaching is right for you.

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Ania NowickiOne effective way to boost your confidence and live authentically

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