Are you living a mundane life?

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How are you today?

Me? Well, my last couple of weeks have not been without challenges… I made a decision to completely uproot myself and take some big risks in order to achieve some of my greatest dreams… It's been hard, I must admit.

Yet, some risks are worth taking, right?

Sometimes, we can be so paralysed by the fear of failing that we don't take any risks and we end up living a life of mediocrity, lacking any deep fulfillment.

A few months ago I was faced with a few truths about my own life. I'd been feeling frustrated for some time, but I made excuses for it and blamed my impatience. Suddenly I was given a choice; stay with the nice, easy, mundane life that I had OR; take a massive risk, possibly lose everything, possibly gain everything that I have ever aspired to…

Yes, you've worked out what happened;  I took the plunge.

Whilst there are still no guarantees, I know that as a result of taking this leap I've grown myself as a person. For having taken the decision to radically change the status quo, I'm no longer exactly who I was before. I'm a little tougher, a little stronger, a little more focused and directed. I'm also a whole lot more alive!

And, if it turns out to have been the wrong decision… Scratch that! It's impossible that it was the wrong decision. Why? Because, even if the outcome turns out not to be what I wanted it to be, I'll have learnt so much and evolved into a better version of myself.

There is nothing to regret or worry about here. There's also no point of feeling anxious about the future, either (although, that's not always easy, I must admit). I'm consciously enjoying the experience and exploring it with the curiosity of a child. (I say "consciously", because I need to remind myself from time to time – I'm not perfect!)

Right now, in this very moment in time, I'm not playing it safe, I'm living life to the fullest and I'm absolutely loving it!

Are you ready to live your life to the full by Ania Nowicki Transformation Coach

I have a challenge for you:

Where in your life do you need to make a firm decision in order to feel more fulfilled and more alive? What action are you going to take and by when? Please share below and get public accountability! We all want you to succeed!

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Ania NowickiAre you living a mundane life?

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  1. Rinku

    Here goes !

    i want to concentrate more on writing and photography and work 3 days a week so I have plenty of time for family and my other passions !


    1. Post
  2. Rinku

    Well I've joined a writing group to give me more discipline to write on a regular basis and I'm working on a 6 month plan to establish the work days I want – so lets hope ! 

  3. Leanne Marshall

    I want to be running yoga classes by the end of the year.  I'm looking for locations and working on my marketing at the moment. As well as keeping up my own practice and creating class plans.

    1. Post

      Wonderful! Thanks for sharing, Leanne! What are the next steps you need to complete to move forward with this plan to radically change your life? Do you have them clear?

      Good luck and keep me posted with your progress! 🙂

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