What is it to live my truth?

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Do you live with an underlying anxiety or tension in your body?

Do you feel that you have massive potential but the dream is always that little bit out of reach? Or maybe totally out of reach?

Do you, from time to time, have that unnerving feeling that you're living a lie?

I've certainly experienced these feelings. I distinctly remember one job I had many years ago in recruitment where I suddenly realised that what I was doing was totally wrong (for me). I was working for a boutique recruitment consultancy when I came to realise, after a couple of months, that the ethics of the company did not sit well with me. It soon got to the point when I was unable to follow the advice and prompting of the director as doing so would make me feel totally inauthentic. It was only at this point that I understood that this job was not for me. I left soon after that for a company with high ethical standards. There was another time when, as a newly qualified teacher working at one of the worst schools in London, where children would come into school drinking redbull and where there was an emergency back up button in every classroom in case of a riot, I was told by my mentor that if I could get the kids seated for the lesson and for them not to hurt each other, that would be considered a successful lesson. In a completely different way, this experience also strongly undermined my values and made me feel like a baby-sitter rather than someone who had a gift for these deprived children that help them to be lead more fulfilled lives. 

These experiences haven't just limited to work, either. As I'm fascinated by the world and love to have adventures, I've also had a few relationships with, let's just say, totally inappropriate people. I have no regrets as none of them were bad people and I learnt something from each of them. Time and experience have allowed me to become clearer in what I need and want in a relationship; I have come to understand what my truth is here, too.

What is it to live my truth by Ania Nowicki Health and Vitality Coach

For me, to live my truth is:

  • To be open
  • To be authentic
  • To love and be loved
  • To give abundantly
  • To have adventure
  • To stretch and grow as a person
  • To take risks in order to do the above
  • To share whatever I have
  • To connect and unite people around me
  • To be physically strong
  • To be organic
  • To be as close to nature as possible
  • To create and be creative
  • To laugh loudly
  • To cry
  • To feel deeply
  • To sing when I feel like it
  • To nurture my own family
  • To stand up and be counted
  • To be silly
  • To be daring and bold
  • To have beauty

Knowing what it is to live my truth has helped me to make some pretty radical and difficult decisions recently with confidence that I'm doing the right thing for me. Given that I am who I am, I'm sure I'll share these with you at some point soon, so make sure that you're subscribed to my newsletter!

My question to you: What is it to live your truth? 

Ponder the question and write out your answer. Call it a working document or draft, which you can amend and grow over time. Perhaps you may even like to share some of your thoughts below? (You know I love your comments!)

It is a real pleasure for me to share my stories and knowledge with you and I hope that it helps you to grow. I do this for free for the love of people, while it's coaching individuals that pays my bills. If this post has resonated with you and you'd like to know more about how I can support you to live your truth, please email me or simply book in a complimentary taster coaching session here.

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Ania NowickiWhat is it to live my truth?

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