The Negativity Detox

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You are not your thoughts, but your thoughts shape your world.

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You are not your thoughts by Ania Nowicki weight loss and transformation coach vitality and food

This is why it’s good to periodically detox your mind.

Another way to explain it is that your thoughts tell your brain what to do or see or feel and that, in turn, shapes your perspective on everything.

To give you an example; If I tell my brain that I’m fat and ugly, my brain will do everything to make that correct. I will dress badly, eat badly, not take care of my body and, soon enough, even if I wasn’t fat and ugly in the first place, my brain will make that a reality. Because I told it to!

On the other hand, if I tell my brain that I have a fabulous, sexy body and that I am super attractive, with enough repetition, that also becomes true. And that’s even if I don’t believe it at first.

The problem is that our thoughts over complicate our lives. When we realise that we are not our thoughts and can, in fact, choose our thoughts, EVERYTHING changes and ANYTHING becomes possible!

Anything is possible by Ania Nowicki Weight Loss and Transformation Coach Vitality and food

We go from; I am useless and stupid.

To; I am a gift to this world with huge amounts of wisdom.

Or; I have special talents that I am still exploring


We go from; I hate eating healthy foods, they’re so boring.

To; I love experimenting with healthy foods that nurture my body and make me feel great!


So, what do you think?

If that negative language is something you’re all to familiar with, a Negativity Detox could radically change your life.

How do you do a Negativity Detox?

Number 1.

Monitor your thoughts.

What kinds of things do you say to yourself? You might even ask someone close to you if they’ve noticed the negative way you speak about yourself, or to  yourself.

Number 2.

Flip the language. 

Change the negative language to something powerfully positive, such as, changing:

“I hate my body” to, “I love my fabulous, healthy body”

Number 3.

(This is CRUCIAL!) Repeat. Repeat. Repeat! 

You want to repeat so often that it becomes EXTREMELY familiar to your brain – because when it becomes familiar, your brain will believe that it’s true.

How to do a negativity detox by Ania Nowicki Weight Loss and Transformation Coach

A Personal Story

I recently had fantastic results from this exercise.

My 10 month baby was waking up A LOT in the night and I was beginning to feel resentful towards him (AND everyone else).

What did I do?

Instead of repeating how tired I was and how much I hated being tired and how unfair it was, I began telling myself:

“I can do this, it’s only a phase. I will get through it.”

Soon the burden of the night wakings dissappated and I even had more energy in the day!

So this really works!



Making space to clear your mind of negative thoughts is empowering and changes the way that you see the world. This is because whatever we repeatedly tell our brain, our brain will eventually believe as true.

To detox your mind of negative thoughts we follow a simple process:

1. Monitor your thoughts.

2. Flip the language.

3. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat.


Just for fun

Invitation to Negativity Detox by Ania Nowicki Weight Loss and Transformation CoachAs an experiment, I’ve set up a special facebook group to anyone who would like to do the negativity detox for the month of September.

It will be a great place to motivate one another and share our funny language flips, plus the transformations that we notice.

It’s totally free and just for fun. If you’re up for it, send me a message to and I will send you the secret link!

I hope you found this post useful. If you did, please share it with your friends so that they can benefit from it too.

Final thought

What would open up for you in your life if every negative experience could be switched to something positive and empowering? Please comment with your thoughts below!

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