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Misia Hewanicka testimonial for Ania Nowicki Transformational Weightloss Coach Vitality and Food

‘Ania is one inspirational lady! Although I initially wanted her guidance on how to lose weight, our conversations also allowed me to identify other parts of my life that needed to be addressed such as my job and relationships… I also realised a great deal of my weight issues were linked to the way I felt. … Ania, I want to thank you for the difference you made. I think about you constantly as I continue to make healthy food choices! You certainly helped me get my life back on track. Thanks to the way you made me feel, the confidence you’ve restored in me, I’m  now happier in my relationship and I’ve also just changed my job!
– Misia Hewanicka, London, UK



“Ania is like a guardian angel of the soul. She is calm, supportive and encouraging. Our coaching sessions were bespoke, personal and tailored to my needs to really help me find and understand the inner me. Our sessions have helped me to gain confidence which is enabling me to better achieve my maximum potential. I no longer fear failure and now feel calmer and more comfortable being me. Our work together has been an emotional but fascinating, fun and enjoyable journey of self study which has enabled me to gain awareness of my own personal behaviours and habits and then work on techniques to alter these to stop me getting in my own way! I would highly recommend Ania to anyone!”
– Georgina Spencer, Leicestershire, UK


Rachel Senbanjo testimonial for Ania Nowicki Transformation Coach

“Ania, your support and calls were such a lifeline and gave me clarity and strength at a time when i was struggling to see the way by myself. I felt trapped in a cycle of bingeing and unhappiness with no way out. Our calls left me feeling positive and excited about the future with clear goals and objectives that we had discussed. I have continued to take positive steps since working with you. You have worked wonders with me.” “You have worked wonders with me. I don’t even know where to begin. I didn’t expect to find someone who would invest in me, believe in me and walk beside me as i made the changes in my life that i needed to. You demonstrated passion in issues that were immensely important to me and in doing so reignited my passion in life! I feel happier, more positive about the future and am really looking forward to working with you again!”
– Rachel Senbanjo, UK



It was a revolutionary 6 months with Ania gently and firmly holding up a mirror to help me make connections, use the information to change things and get to a more positive place mentally. Now a year and a half later I have embedded habits learnt during the coaching sessions. I have continued to lose weight despite ‘falling off the wagon’ at times but I have the confidence and ability to get back on track again.
– Liz Banks, Bristol, UK


Natalia Golden Testimonial for Ania Nowicki Transformational Weightloss Coach Vitality and Food

“There are three reasons for which I value and trust Ania wholeheartedly. The first reason is that she does what she preaches – she lives a life of health and vitality like no one else I know. And she worked and continues to work incredibly hard to achieve this and be the best person she can possibly be. No matter what challenges life has thrown her way. Secondly she is simply the best listener ever. Her astute observations and ability to vocalise and understand my often incoherent thought processes and feelings reinforced my complete trust in her ability and gift to coach. Thirdly, Ania used to teach. She thus knows her stuff, knows and loves people, is patient, warm and reliable.”
– Natalia Golden, London, UK



“I remember how I felt so uplifted the first time we spoke, I felt we connected and for the first time someone actually listened to my problems and I felt understood. After the first six months I felt more energetic, I was able to do sports again, my sleep was better and the [Chronic Fatigue Syndrome] relapses had pretty much vanished. My skin improved, I could focus better at work and I also lost weight and felt much more confident than I had in years!… She knew exactly when to push me or how to motivate me to keep me going and I always felt like I could tell her anything! … I can truly say that working with Ania, who is so dedicated and so empowering, has been life changing for me.””I would recommend Ania as a coach anytime and I could not imagine working with anyone else.” “I cannot express my gratitude to you, Ania, in any words, of how you made it your mission to get me better and to bring out the best in me! I will miss our sessions, but feel that the bond we have established will go beyond our 1 year of working together. Thank you for all your help, patience and kindness!”
– Anja Buss, London, UK



Ania has been an absolute godsend. She has not only educated me about the foods I have been eating, she has introduced me to new foods, recipes and information that I would never have had access to otherwise. More than that, our sessions have been incredibly motivational for me. The impact on my health, and the way I think about my health, has been huge. I am more organised, more experimental, and more relaxed about the whole thing! I also feel better than I have in years.”
– Rachel Styles, Loughborough, UK


Maike Massute testimonial for Ania Nowicki Transformation Coach

‘”Ania’s sensitive, refreshingly honest and profound approach to coaching has helped me to feel found. Thank you.”
– Maike Massute, London, UK



I didn’t start working with Ania with weight loss in mind, but with small but sensible tweaks to my diet, I lost 6 pounds in the two weeks prior to Christmas when I wasn’t exercising but was socialising an awful lot. It was also the first winter in as long as I can remember that I haven’t been sick and I credit that to Ania. My calls with Ania always leave me inspired and motivated to make positive and achievable long term changes in my life, and I feel more equipped emotionally and physically to take on life’s challenges.
– Emily Smith, London, UK



Ania was an incredibly positive influence, helping me to respect my body and recognise my achievements in all areas of my life. She has compassion and enthusiasm and is a coaching natural.”
– Jo Murphy, London, UK


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