How to Sprout Buckwheat

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I love buckwheat in all forms, but most of all I love it raw. I love it raw not only because of the nutty, yet light flavour and wonderful texture, but also because I know that I'm maximising the nutrients and enzymes which would be spoilt during cooking. Read about the health benefits of buckwheat here.

Sprouting Buckwheat

To sprout buckwheat, you must use raw buckwheat which has a white-green colour, not roasted buckwheat which is golden brown in colour. 

Rinse the buckwheat well and then soak for 30 minutes.












Rinse again and drain. Place the soaked seeds in a wide container, sprouter or siv and leave to sprout for 1-2 days. 


You’ll notice that the seeds grow little tails. These are now ready to eat!

You may either store these in the fridge for a couple of days, eating what you need, or continue sprouting for a while longer and then place in the fridge.

Alternatively you can dehydrate sprouted buckwheat in a dehydrator, a low heat oven* or in the sun, if you live in a hot climate. They will dehydrate in about 4-8 hours.

*Put the oven on at the lowest temperature and leave the door open, if possible.



These sprouted and dehydrated buckwheat seeds are wonderfully crunchy and can be used in a variety of ways, such as breakfast, dessert, chocolate, in salads, smoothies and to make sweet wafer treats! I'll be posting more recipes soon!

What have you made with sprouted buckwheat? What's your favourite sprouted buckwheat recipe? Please share below!

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Ania NowickiHow to Sprout Buckwheat

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