Interview with Shazzie Part 1: Why do we hate our bodies?

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Interview with Shazzie by Ania Nowicki Body Image Coach Vitality and Food

This is just a picture – scroll down for the actual video. 🙂

Earlier this year I had the honour of interviewing a personal hero of mine, Shazzie. (I need to ask her if she actually has a surname!) We met in 2010 at a retreat (my first ever) which was also my first real experience of “raw” foods. If you’ve never come across “raw” before, this is a largely plant-based health movement which is based on the premis that food loses most of its nutrition when heated above 49C (120F). Eating this way is very detoxifying and many people swear by the health benefits of this way of eating as well as the lifestyle.

Disclosure: I, myself, love to eat a lot of “raw” , especially in the spring and summer months, and particularly the nutritious yet totally indulgent raw deserts. That said, overall I have found that being fully or mostly “raw” doesn’t work for me for longer periods of time and that I need animal protein to thrive. More on this in a future blog post.

A beautiful body is fit and strong, not skinny - quote by Shazzie for Vitality and FoodDuring the interview Shazzie and I talk in detail about where our poor relationship with our bodies originate from – I’m sure that this will resonate with many of you. Shazzie goes on to share how she transformed herself from a deeply unhappy 30 year old with “cider thighs” and zero energy to creating a life of joy and abundance in every area, radically transforming her relationship with her body.

Whilst interviewing Shazzie and then editing the video, the thing that really struck me about her is her raw (pun intended) honesty and authenticity. She doesn’t hide who she is or pretend to be anything other than Shazzie. Is she quirky? Well, that depends on your reference point, but for some, yes, she probably is. Yet, what I love about her is that she is so comfortable with herself that there is not a smidgen of judgement towards others who have chosen other paths. If you appreciate this quality in others, you’ll really enjoy the interview.

About Shazzie

Shazzie is an author of multiple books and apps, Sky TV presenter,  serial entrepreneur and business mentor. She was one of the pioneers of the “Raw” movement in the UK and one of the first importers of “raw” products in the UK. (Have you ever seen Detox Your World in your local health shop? That’s Shazzie!) You can find out more about her at

Interview with Shazzie Part 1: Why do we hate our bodies.

By the way, our interview was quite long – 47 minutes, to be precise – so I’ve chopped it up into 3 parts.

To watch part 2, click here.

Your reflections

What came up for you whilst watching the interview? I’d love to know! Let’s have a chat in the comments below.

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Ania NowickiInterview with Shazzie Part 1: Why do we hate our bodies?

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    1. anne stottrup

      I am pleased that, more and more , we now talk about what is in our heads – and not what is in our stomachs – when it comes to how it affects weight, body and enjoying life. Shazzie comes across as a lovely, straightforward person with great insights.

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  1. jo

    Regardless of the source of our self-loathing the affect is always the same. I’ve written about it myself
    I had a very supportive mum but other family were sometimes less than kind. With 3 daughters I never discuss body, refuse to have glossies or ‘fitness’ mags in the house. I loath everything ‘bikini diet’, etc, etc. Change will come.

    1. Post
      Ania Nowicki

      That’s so refreshing to read, Jo! I stopped buying or reading glossy mags years ago as all they did was make me feel bad about myself. Your daughters are lucky to have you as a mum! 🙂

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