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You are frustrated because you’ve messed up again – for the thousandth time – and you feel like a total and complete failure. You keep putting on weight and you are desperate to find a solution that works (for real, this time), where you’ll be lovingly supported by someone who believes in you fully. You’ve had enough of feeling ugly and uncomfortable in your own skin. You are ready to let go of the fat and to stop feeling bad about yourself  all  the  freakin’  time.

It’s hard to find someone who will just listen without judgement, who gets how you feel and doesn’t make unhelpful or unrealistic suggestions. I know because I lived through exactly that.

I am a former binge eater and self-hater. It took me well over a fifteen years of obsessive dieting, constant anxiety and beating myself up to understand how permanent weight-loss really works – and to make it work. It’s such a relief to be free of emotional eating and to simply enjoy food rather than be constantly consumed by thoughts of it. My weight is stable, I like how I look and I live a very fulfilling life. Read more about me here.

I still remember the pain I went through and I hate to see others suffer with the same.  I now devote myself to freeing women from their bad relationship with food, once and for all.


Rachel Senbanjo testimonial for Ania Nowicki Transformation Coach

“Ania, your support and calls were such a lifeline and gave me clarity and strength at a time when i was struggling to see the way by myself. I felt trapped in a cycle of bingeing and unhappiness with no way out. Our calls left me feeling positive and excited about the future with clear goals and objectives that we had discussed. I have continued to take positive steps since working with you. You have worked wonders with me.”
-Rachel Senbanjo, UK


To spell it out, this is how I feel, what I see with my clients and expect when working with you:

  • Fully enjoying food – without the guilty feeling.
  • Reaching and keeping an ideal weight, without drama, never feeling denied.
  • Eating only as much as needed to satisfy the appetite and to be able to leave the rest – even that piece of tasty chocolate cake!
  • Being able to look in a full length mirror and feel gorgeous.
  • Being more in love with life than ever before.



I didn’t start working with Ania with weight loss in mind, but with small but sensible tweaks to my diet, I lost 6 pounds in the two weeks prior to Christmas when I wasn’t exercising but was socialising an awful lot. It was also the first winter in as long as I can remember that I haven’t been sick and I credit that to Ania. My calls with Ania always leave me inspired and motivated to make positive and achievable long term changes in my life, and I feel more equipped emotionally and physically to take on life’s challenges.
– Emily Smith, London, UK


You want it now? Click HERE to arrange a complimentary 30-min taster session. Or read on. . .

How does it work?

We work together to help you find an ideal way of eating for you. I do not do “diet plans” or tell you exactly what you should and should not be eating every single moment of every day. If that’s what you want, there are plenty of nutritionists and dieticians that offer that. I’m all about healthy, practical, realistic, fun and sustainable.

We will also be focussing on who you are and what makes you tick. My intention is to leave you feeling so empowered, so alive and invigorated that you feel able and ready to accomplish anything you want in life.



 “I cannot express my gratitude to you, Ania, in any words, of how you made it your mission to get me better and to bring out the   best in me! I will miss our sessions, but feel that the bond we have established will go beyond our 1 year of working together. Thank you for all your help, patience and kindness!”
– Anja Buss, London, UK


Ania was an incredibly positive influence, helping me to respect my body and recognise my achievements in all areas of my life. She has compassion and enthusiasm and is a coaching natural.”
– Jo Murphy, London, UK


To put it plainly, I’m a Life Coach and a Health Coach so I’m not just interested in your body – I also want your mind! 😉

You want it now? Click HERE to arrange a complimentary 30-min taster session. Or read on. . .


You are a Very Important Person and this is about your transformation as much as it is about losing weight. Think about how long it took you to get to where you are now? We don’t become comfort eaters over night and we also don’t stop that quickly. It’s about peeling back the layers, noticing bad habits and reenforcing the good ones. It’s about questioning what is and being curious about what is possible.

This programme is for you if:

Untitled-2You have tried tons of other diets and weight-loss interventions and  you are beginning to worry that you’ll ever be able to get rid of the excess   weight or to finally love the body you’re in.
Untitled-2You often feel really down and confused about how your life is right now. It’s not how you had envisioned it and not what you want.
Untitled-2You’re done with analysing your childhood and all the things that went wrong. You just want to move forward now.
Untitled-2You’re ready to do the work. You’ve had enough and you just need the right support to transform your well-being.
Untitled-2You’re looking for someone who can create a safe space for you to be open and honest about what you’re going through, who will know how to give you what you need.
Untitled-2You want a bespoke strategy, not a “catch-all” solution.
Untitled-2You love to learn and you’re willing to dedicate substantial time and resources in the next 6-12+ months to understanding yourself better and how food affects you.
Untitled-2You’re deeply curious about people and nature.
Untitled-2You’re wondering whether you might be a bit of a hippy at heart…
Untitled-2You know you’re worth the attention. (I know you’re worth the attention – let’s talk about this, if you’re not sure! Click here to arrange a complimentary 30-min taster session.

This programme is not for you if:

newcrossAnia You want a quick “band-aid” solution and you expect to see results immediately
newcrossAniaApart from weight-loss, you want everything else in your life to stay exactly as it is, because change is too risky.
newcrossAniaYou’re not willing to invest your time or precious earned money in improving yourself.
newcrossAniaYou don’t want to talk about how you feel, you just want to be told what to do.
newcrossAniaYou believe that you can’t be helped, anyway, so doing this programme would just be going through the motions.
newcrossAniaYou don’t want to be challenged. On anything!
newcrossAniaYou don’t like change or to experiment with new things.
newcrossAniaYou see yourself as a perfectly balanced and happy person – all you need to do is to lose weight.


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“I thank you with all my heart Ania. You are amazing, are like a guardian angel and were my lifeline for 3 months. You helped me more that you can imagine by being there and listening when I really needed it. You also made me listen to myself which I had failed to do for too long. Love and miss you heaps!!!! -Georgina Spencer, Leicestershire, UK



It was a revolutionary 6 months with Ania gently and firmly holding up a mirror to help me make connections, use the information to change things and get to a more positive place mentally. Now a year and a half later I have embedded habits learnt during the coaching sessions. I have continued to lose weight despite ‘falling off the wagon’ at times but I have the confidence and ability to get back on track again.
-Liz Banks, Bristol, UK



If you still need more information, please contact me here with your questions or to arrange a complimentary 30-minute chat so we can better understand your needs and how I can meet them.


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